NPR "Morning Edition"

When's the last time you used your microwave? Probably this morning, right? Maybe you warmed up some leftover pizza for breakfast, nuked your coffee that wasn't warm anymore. Microwaves are so ubiquitous, we take it for granted that every house and every apartment will come with one. This year, the countertop microwave celebrates its 50th anniversary. And whether you love it or loathe it, you cannot deny the influence this machine has had on American life.

Publishers Weekly on ‘America: The Great Cookbook'

What makes American cuisine American? That’s the question put—and, in a way, answered—by America: The Great Cookbook (Weldon Owen, Oct.), the latest title in the publisher’s “Great” cookbook series. The series, which includes four other titles, has sold more than 350,000 copies and has covered the cuisines of such countries as Australia and South Africa. But to say what constitutes the food of America, melting pot that it is, was uniquely difficult. To help with this curatorial challenge the p

Kojo Nnamdi Show

Joe Yonan, the travel and food editor at The Washington Post, recently adopted a lifestyle shunned by many travelers and food obsessives alike: vegetarianism. But Yonan says that with a creative approach, vegetarians can eat well and fully experience the world — and continue to oversee journalism that appeals to omnivores. Kojo chats with Yonan about the challenges of the vegetarian diet and the stereotypes that come with it. He also talks with a farmer who’s inspired Yonan to change how he looks at food.